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Illumination that Transforms


At Irvin Lighting Solutions, we only partner with the best LED lighting manufacturers in the US who have a proven track record of quality products and support.

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All of our LED lighting products have a minimum of a five year warranty and 50,000 hours of guaranteed life. Most have 100,000 life and are UL and DLC compliant.

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Multiple Savings

Your savings don't stop with just power, we also help you determine your maintenance savings and assist you with state and federal LED lighting rebates.

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Top Warranties
and Support

Many of our LED lighting products have a ten year warranty - others have a five year warranty. All come with a level of support and service from us matched by no one.

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Top three reasons to go LED now

LED lighting has never been more affordable and designed to work exactly as needed in every environment. Lighting is not "wasted" anymore and can be directed exactly where needed and controlled from your computer, smartphone or tablet as well.


Whether its LED retrokits or full fixtures, LED lighting ROI has never been so high and quick to obtain through power/maintenance savings and rebates.


LED lighting can fit into existing fixtures or be completely replaced with new ones. The aesthetics are completely wide open.


LED lighting can be directed to light up only the places it needs to. Beautiful lighting and saving money can live in the same world.

We'll make it simple and clear!
  • Easy to understand options and reasons
  • Clear quotes and datasheets
  • No heavy tech language
  • ROI Excel sheets to easily show savings
  • Pros and cons explained and defined for every solution
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You'll understand your options
  • What you ask for is what you'll get
  • Simplified quotes and solution examples provided
  • Multiple solutions are clearly defined with reasons

Our goal is take out the mystery of understanding LED lighting and provide solutions that really make sense for whatever your needs may be.

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