Irvin Lighting Solutions Story

Irvin Lighting Solutions is a result of customers asking for led lighting from a company they trust.


Irvin built a name for itself over two decades servicing some of the biggest Outdoor Advertising powerhouses in the world. During the past few years, with LED lighting emerging as a viable alternative to traditional illumination, Irvin worked with some of the most respected names in the industry to bring to market what has become the best-selling billboard light in the U.S.

And while we were very proud of that accomplishment, we thought our lighting story would end there. But persistent customers helped us write a new chapter. Increasingly frustrated with too many poor choices from too many unknown suppliers, they implored us to find quality solutions for varying applications – time and again. So, eventually, we did just that.

Our quest for the perfect light for billboards led us to forge relationships with many outstanding manufacturers. And while only one could be the best for billboards, other companies we tested with had many outstanding products for various applications. Today, through distributorships with many of those, we have a huge arsenal of lighting products to meet the diverse and growing needs of our customers.

The expansion has paid off. Today, our offerings can be found in car dealerships, warehouses, parking lots and retail centers and sports venues around the country. Now, we look forward to being part of YOUR next lighting success story.