Testimonials and case Studies

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Adams Advertising

“Like many in the outdoor industry, we spent considerable amounts of time testing numerous LED lighting options before we chose MarQuee LED. The quality of the light coverage on the face, along with the ease of installation made the final decision easy. The energy and maintenance savings are tremendous and make the initial investment a wise choice.”

Michael Mielke


Indigo Sign Works

“We purchased LED lights from Irvin and another source for some of our on-premise sign LED conversions. While the light output appeared similar, the Irvin product quality was superior and at a better price point. That’s a winning combination we’ll be using again in the future! Thanks again for providing quality and great pricing time after time.”

Kirk Ronning

JH Signs

“Irvin delivers quality products at competitive prices. But equally important to our business is the level of service we consistently get. Time and again, we have relied on them to offer honest analysis on the best solutions for our jobs. Their product knowledge and willingness to point us in other directions if the best solution dictates are among the reasons we keep coming back.”

Justin Helmke

Case Studies

Swift Aviation

Swift Aviation – Arizona
Number of units converted: 72
Type: High Bay LED Retrofit
New Lighting: 3x retrofit plates HO (405W)
Old Lighting: 1000 watt metal halide
Energy Savings: 595W/fixture 42,840W total
Estimated Energy Savings: $20,700/year
Rebates Received: $30,000
ROI: approx. 1.8 yrs

CSX Intermodal

CSX Intermodal – High Mast Retrofit
Type: High Mast LED Retrofit
New Lighting: 4x retrofit plates HI (400W)
Old Lighting: 1000 watt metal halide
Energy Savings: 600W/fixture
Estimated Energy Savings: $14,560/year
ROI: approx. 2 yrs

St. Andrews Country Club

St. Andrews Country Club – Boca Raton, FL
Number of units converted: 175
Type: Show Box LED Retrofit
New Lighting: 1x Plate Retrofit (50W)
Old Lighting: 210 Watt HID
Energy Savings: 160W/fixture 28,000W total
Estimated Energy Savings: $8,014/year

Colorado DOT

Colorado DOT

Type: High Mast LED Retrofit

Old Lighting: 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium

New Lighting: 400W LED

Energy Savings: 600W/fixture

Estimated Energy Savings: $1,100/ high
mast pole per year

Automobile Dealership

Mercedes-Benz of Littleton,Colorado, located in the Denver area, was looking to improve their existing lighting system. A retrofit solution from Global Tech LED, one of our premiere manufacturers, was chosen over a full fixture change out. Global Tech’s revolutionary, high brightness modules were custom manufactured to install inside the dealership’s existing indoor and outdoor fixtures. The result: Improved quality of light color and a 70% reduction of power, all backed with a 10 year warranty.

Manatee County Jail

Changed from 1000W High Pressure Sodium
to 540W Solstice LED Sports Lighters.
Saw a 46% savings in energy cost.
Saw a 30% increase in footcandles
compared to the old High Pressure
Sodium lamps.