LED Energy Savings Calculator

Use our LED energy savings calculator tool below to quickly calculate kWH (kilowatt hour) and cost values (and savings) of LED lights compared to H.I.D. lights. Our kWh energy savings calculator allows you to easily input and calculate the cost and kilowatt hour value of your LED lighting fixture. Click here to see what rebates are in your area.


Number of Lights/Lamps Installed:  
Electricity Rate (per kWh):  
Average Daily Use (hrs):  
Days Per Week:  
  HID Lighting LED Lighting
Life (hrs):
Labor Cost ($/hr): - dollar cost per hour
Labor Time (hrs): - number of hours needed - increase as number of lights go up
Lamp Cost ($): - dollar cost of a lamp

LED Lighting Savings:

  HID Lighting LED Lighting
Light/Lamp Cost:
Life (hrs):
# Of Times Lamps Replaced/Year:
# Of Replacements In 200,000 Hour Period:
Weekly Energy Costs:
Monthly Energy Costs:
Annual Energy Costs:
Annual Lamp Replacement Costs:
Total Annual Costs (including maintenance):
One Year Total Savings:  
Two Year Total Savings:  
Five Year Total Savings:  
Ten Year Total Savings: