Irvin lighting solutions LED savings

There are three main ways you'll save going LED

Power Savings

The most obvious benefit of going LED is the reduction in power. Normally the power savings are never less than 70 percent and are often higher. These savings start the second the LED fixtures are powered up and last the life of the unit. Determining the ROI just based on power savings is straight forward and we'll be glad to help you determine that. Just send us a power bill and we'll be able to show you what to expect in power savings.


Maintenance Savings

If you are paying contractors and/or employees to change out light bulbs year after year, by going LED, this labor expense ends since LEDs never need maintenance. Furthermore, if your business could lose money when a sign is out and/or advertisement is not properly illuminated, than your maintenance costs associated with having to make sure those signs are never dark ends by going LED.


Rebates come from the federal government, state, county, city and regional power companies. They vary tremendously around the US and some rebates are high enough to often pay for half of your cost to go LED. Couple that with also using solar power, and you may even double your rebate. To find out what rebates are available in your area, click here.

Irvin Lighting Solutions Savings Calculator

LED Savings

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For more than two decades, Irvin has made a name for itself servicing the largest and most respected power houses in Outdoor Advertising. Two simple products for billboards laid the foundation for a family-owned and operated business with an equally simple mission – offer quality solutions at fair prices, grounded in integrity and commitment. The mission paid off, paving the way for growth that would position Irvin as a top supplier within the industry. In recent years, Irvin was instrumental in the market introduction of the best-selling billboard light in the U.S. That unit’s unprecedented success paved the way for more lighting endeavors, as quality manufacturers sought partnerships to continue this success in expanded markets. It is an exciting time, indeed. And while Irvin continues to grow, our mission does not waiver. Integrity in all that we do and a commitment you, the customer, remains paramount for our Irvin Lighting Solutions division.



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